Engineers have started cancelling outing plans for Ladakh & J&K, this shows situation is as peaceful as in Goa: Amit Shah

07, Sep 2019 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. After Amit Shah presented the bill proposing the bifurcation of Kashmir into two territories, all eyes were on the government to restore peace in the valley. The situation is under control as per the government and the army. The home minister gave evidence today to the reporters to show how peaceful the situation is.


He showed all the canceled tickets and plans for Ladakh and J&K by the engineers in India to arrive upon the conclusion that the valley is peaceful and normal, just like Goa.

Engineers always wait for new outing destinations to pop up so that they can start canceling plans for the same, and that happened as soon as Amit Shah announced the bifurcation of the state. Now the Engineers have got two option rather than the single one that Goa gives. Last 5 days data shows that students have canceled more trip for the valley if compared to the canceled plans for Goa.

Goa government, which is also run by BJP, has echoed the Home Minister’s claims and said that Engineers always cancel plans for places which are peaceful and normal and Goa is a proof of that fact. If the rate at which the trips of Ladakh and J&K are being canceled increases more, it may be possible that the Government would think of making it a full-fledged state instead of UT.