Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


To ensure that senior citizens stay inside the house, Govt asks TV channels to repeatedly telecast Baghban over the next couple of weeks 

20, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

While PM Modi’s concern for senior citizens has been widely appreciated, the idea of getting them to stay in the house seems to be a difficult one to implement.


Though many agreed to stay inside the house, there were some elderly citizens though that this ‘curfew’ was draconian and in fact prove to be counterproductive.

“I have a daily routine of going for a walk in the morning and in the evening. Although I know that this measure is for my own safety, I don’t see any harm in roaming inside my building premises. Besides, I have always been healthy all my life and have no pre-existing disease. Sitting inside the house for extended period of time is not good for my psychological well being,” opined a retired bank employee from Mumbai.

72 year old Army veteran Brigadier Suryadev Singh too had something similar say, “Hum ghoomne jayenge aur jayege zaroor. Jab dushman humein nahi mita saka toh ye corona kya cheez hai.”

To deal with this situation, the Govt has now asked TV channels to telecast Baghban over the next few weeks. While speaking to Faking News, the Information and Broadcasting Minister said, “Except for News Channels, all other channels will have to comply. The movie will be shown non-stop for the next couple of weeks. Even a movie channel like SetMax that doesn’t show anything but Sooryavansham, has agreed for the telecast. The dubbed version will the telecast on regional channels. This is will hopefully stop them from venturing out. It is for their own safety.”

The story of the movie resonates with many senior citizens and Govt believes it will help many elderly in practicing social distancing.