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Entire money spent on father’s schooling not sufficient to buy school uniform of his nursery kid

23, Feb 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Vinod could not believe when he had to shell out thirty thousand bucks on his son Chintu’s school uniform and shoes. Vinod was thinking his total schooling career did not cost him that much.

While speaking to us in front of Rangoon International School, Vinod said, “This 30K came on top of two lakh plus I paid as school fees, 40k for transportation and another 50K for books and extra-curricular activities. All these for his nursery admission.”

“Sold some ancestor land for school fees and other stuff last month. Sold my old bike for his school uniform today. Looks like by the time he reaches standard one, I will have to sell everything I have including myself,” said Vinod who has no idea how much he has to spend on Chintu before he appears his 12th board exam.

Vinod added, “School principal suggested what kind of food me and my wife have to pack for Chintu. It must be healthy and nutritious. If we cannot do that, we must buy tokens from school where one-day breakfast cost 300 bucks. Then she told us, be ready for extra coaching for IIT which school will start once he goes to LKG. That would cost us some 50K more.”

“As Chintu’s competition is at Global level, every year he will go on one foreign trip at least to get global exposure, uska kharcha alag,” said Vinod.

Worried Vinod when enquired about cancellation of admission, how much refund he can expect, school Principal told him “Only 20K you will get. This is all written on the big booklet we gave along with school application form. You better do your homework properly before coming here and do not waste our time.”

Vinod who is among the minority income tax payers of this country was regretting why he came under peer pressure to admit Chintu to such a prestigious seven-star luxurious school.