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Essay on cow to be part of every exam to get government jobs

05, Apr 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: As per the recent circular, all those who are looking for a government job need to write an essay on cow which will be mandatory question in every competitive exam conducted by UPSC, Public sector banks, LIC, Railways etc.


The notification also says this change is immediate and if any of the aforementioned exams does not have a question in this regard, that exam result will be withheld till a supplementary exam is conducted having this question.   

All the exams related to central government jobs have no other option other than accepting this. However, looking at the public sensitivity about ‘cow’, center has played safe, has told, it is up to the states to accept it or not for their respective state government jobs.

Currently majority of states are ruled by BJP or its allies. They have no qualms in accepting this change wholeheartedly.

The states like Gujarat where government has imposed life term for cow slaughtering, in Chhattisgarh where one will be hanged for same offence and in UP where chief minister has no problem in guiding Yadav’s in taking better care of cows have gone ahead and announced the essay on cow will carry 70 percent weightage in exams and each candidate must do proper ‘research’ as they need to write minimum 10k words on cow.

The non-NDA ruled states have opposed the move. Trinamool congress spokesperson Mr. Derek O’Brien said, “Our Didi has clearly told ‘Eta Habe Na’. We have instructed in West Bengal state government exams, cow word should not be, even due to typo problem ‘cow’ word comes, we will suspend the exam and fire the officials in charge of that exam. Those who have written on cow to get central government jobs cannot work here, they can go to other states.”

While speaking to us, Mr. Lalit Tiwari, an aspiring candidate for government jobs, said, “Is it some joke? Even in google search can’t find an essay more than 500 words.  I am not for this ‘cow’ politics. Will probably get less dowry in future, but that’s ok. I will try for a private sector job.”