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Even after using Fevicol, man fails to stick his son to study chair

14, Oct 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. Inspired by the ads where the adhesive sticks everything, a man used Fevicol to stick his son to his study chair. However, the attempt couldn’t bear fruits.

42-year-old Balwinder tried the adhesive as a last ditch attempt to make sure his 14-year-old son Bittu spends some time with textbooks.

“He would hardly sit there for a minute, after which he’d either lie in the bed and sleep off or run around in the house playing Temple Run on his mobile,” the frustrated father revealed why he took the extreme step.

Dabangg 2 song
Sources (Bittu) says that the father was impressed with Fevicol only after watching the Fevicol song from the movie Dabangg 2

Earlier today, Balwinder bought a bucket of Fevicol adhesive and applied it all over his son’s study chair. Later with the help of his wife and few relatives, he forcibly made Bittu sit on that chair.

But to their utter surprise and shock, Bittu easily freed himself from the ultimate bond, which, as per TV ads, even elephants find tough to break.

Nonplussed with shock and awe over his son’s unbelievable feat, Balwinder first thought that Bittu was a reincarnation of Bhim from Mahabharata, who reportedly had power of thousand elephants.

“He used to watch Chhota Bhim for hours on TV, so we wondered if he had become one,” Balwinder told Faking News, “But when he failed to break the door of the house while trying to flee, we realized that he didn’t have that kind of power. Forget Bhim, he was not even the door breaking Daya of CID.”

“But we still don’t know how he could break the Fevicol ka jod though,” said the confused father of the determined son.

Balwinder is blaming Fevicol for showing misleading ads and is planning to sue the brand, like a man had sued Axe after failing to attract a girl.

However, the adhesive company has washed its hands off the incident.

“We don’t promise such things in our ads. If such bondages were secured by adhesive, Sajid Khan would have put adhesives on multiplex seats during the screening of Himmatwala, or the ruling party would have put them on opposition benches during Parliament sessions.”

Bittu too has given a clean chit to Fevicol and has blamed his father of a crime that was as grave as “child marriage”.

“Why is he trying to forge this bond that I am not ready for? I am not ready for this yet,” Bittu told Faking News, “After all I don’t need a Fevicol when browsing internet or playing mobile games.”