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Even I am protesting bhai, at least send CBI if not the media: Anna Hazare

04, Feb 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Ralegaon Siddhi: On his 100th indefinite fast unto death, veteran protester Anna Hazare is feeling a bit ignored. Neither has anyone come to support him, nor has any media house sent anyone to cover his fast.


Sitting with 1 ANI reporter, Anna has been on a fast for past few days without any coverage, a sharp contrast to the heady days of 2011 when his fast was 24X7 news for all the media houses. Feeling a bit neglected already, Anna is feeling even sadder after watching the attention given to Mamata Banerjee’s protest to save Kolkata Police Commissioner Democracy.

Speaking to a Faking News reporter who got lost during his weekend getaway, Anna Hazare said,

“Everyone is rushing to cover Mamata’s protest but nobody is coming to cover mine, isn’t this discrimination between 2 protests? She is not even fasting like me, it is not even a real fast but look at everyone, rushing to support her. I had given up on Kejriwal long back, but even media isn’t coming here? I am second Gandhi bhai.”

“Modi should at least send the CBI here to raise the profile of my fast. Nobody will arrest them here or attack them, in fact I will greet them with garlands and sweets ki koi to aaya but no, fascist Modi isn’t helping me out. Now I am thinking of moving my fast to Kolkata to get some attention, maybe I will support Mamata Banerjee once again so that she leaves the protests to me and returns to her job as Chief Minister”, Anna added.

When our reporter asked Anna Hazare why he is fasting, he said ,”Kaun kambakht kuch protest karne ke liye fast rakhta hai, hum to is liye fast rakhte hain ki news me reh sakein, saara desh hai Anna gaana sun sakein, and you lose excess fat so that is a plus.”