Monday, 6th April, 2020


Every time I tell people my age, they say I don't look a day above 30: Kamal Nath reacts to Congress being called a party of olds after Scindia's exit

12, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

Buddha hoga tera baap,” scowled Kamal Nath, as he flung the newspaper carrying an article with the headline ‘Is Congress now a party of olds’.


After Jyotiradityarao’s shocking exit, newspapers have been flooded with opinion pieces and post-mortem about the party’s future in Madhya Pradesh. The 73 year old party veteran was clearly miffed at being called ‘old’.

“Who are they calling old. Every time I tell people my age, they react with ‘kamalji aap toh tees saal ke lagte ho‘. Congress party was and will always remain young because of leaders like me,” remarked while speaking to our reporter.

It seems that Scindia’s exit has not affected Kamal Nath as much as people calling him old. “I am young, handsome and popular among women like any teenager. If there was ever a Santoor ad with a male protagonist, it would definitely be me,” he asserted.

“Unlike Modi I don’t eat any mushrooms for my youthful looks. I am gifted. Besides, I don’t do things that most old people do. Like watching Baghban,” he added.

Sources say that the MP Chief Minister has now called for a meeting with the High Command to re-brand the party to make it appear more youthful. the move is seen as a counter to BJP’s strategy to get more young blood into the party.

“Details of the meeting are not yet know. But it seems that Kamalji and Tharoorji will be the face of the party from now on,” revealed an insider.