Saturday, 28th March, 2020


Everyone who gave a hate speech and incited riots is safe and healthy: Delhi Police

26, Feb 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: As the death toll in Delhi riots touched 20, Delhi Police has assured the masses that everyone who was giving hate speeches and inciting riots over the past 2 months is safe and healthy.

delhi police

Police informed worried public that all such characters stayed away from the streets of Delhi this week, and took good care of themselves.

Riots broke out in North-East Delhi this week allegedly over Citizenship Amendment Act with 20 people losing their lives, including a Police Constable and hundreds have been injured. The situation was simmering since December and after the best attempts to trigger violence since then, the determined rioters finally succeeded as Delhi burnt. All such brave warriors are doing well, the Police informed at a Press Conference.

Speaking at the Press Conference, the Delhi Police spokesperson said, “There were concerns that everyone who was trying incitement over the past few weeks may have joined the mobs in their excitement and taken part in the riots. However, we want to clarify that there were no such instances. As per tradition, those people stayed miles away from the areas where violence broke out, since their part was already done. They are all in the pink of their health, and doing absolutely fine.”

“We have arranged enough security outside their homes to make sure nobody tries to disturb their sound sleep. Once we are convinced that they are in no danger, we will look to increase the security presence in riots affected areas as well”, he further added.

Meanwhile, every News Channel has warned the people about believing fake stories from social media in the aftermath of Delhi riots, and has asked the people to only believe the fake stories aired on their respective channel.