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Evolution works its magic, long term Delhi residents now breathing Carbon dioxide and releasing Oxygen

26, Dec 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: The polluted air in the capital Delhi may soon be a thing of the past. PhD scholars from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) have made a startling discovery among the long-term residents of Delhi. As per their research, lungs of people living in Delhi for over 3 decades have adapted to their surroundings and they are now inhaling Carbon dioxide and exhaling Oxygen.

A beautiful smog filled day in Delhi

Scientists are shocked with this discovery as such rapid evolvement of any species is previously unheard of and are crediting the Delhi air for pushing this change at such a rapid rate.

Speaking to Faking News, PhD scholar of African studies in JNU, Mr. Sada Vidyarthi said, “Every year we used to wonder about these people who don’t have any problem breathing in Delhi. While most of the people kept complaining about air quality, these people used to go about their business as usual without even wearing a mask! So, we decided to study these people in detail and see how their lungs are coping with this polluted air. That is when we discovered that these people no longer require Oxygen to survive, in fact they are releasing Oxygen in the air, helping others who have moved to Delhi during the last 3 decades.”

Immediately after the release of this study, a race began among the political parties to take credit for the polluted air in Delhi. BJP spokesperson, Mr. Sambit Patra said, “All credit to Narendra Modi for facilitating this miracle of evolution. Do you know how much polluted air is released from an aircraft engine? By taking hundreds of flights from Delhi, Mr. Modi made sure that pollution levels didn’t drop in the air and helped evolution along.”

On the other hand, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “This Modi was trying hard to force us to clean Delhi’s air but we didn’t agree. For our people, we fought hard with the Centre and see the results, people are happily breathing CO2 now. We will try to increase the pollution levels so that the bodies of other Delhi residents also evolve rapidly.”

Not to be left behind, Congress leader Ajay Maken said that the credit actually belongs to Sheila Dixit Government as she was the CM for the majority of the period in which this evolution took place.

Meanwhile, Santa Clause gave Delhi a pass this Christmas after failing to find his way through the dense smoke and fog in the city.