Except for Kingfisher Calendars, all of Mallya's properties most likely to be confiscated by Court: Sources

29, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

Vijay Mallya’s plea against confiscation of his properties will be heard in Supreme Court this Friday. And as per sources, the fugitive liquor baron is set to lose his properties in India. The SC however will allow Mallya to keep all of his Kingfisher Calendars.


Speaking to Faking News, a Senior Lawyer said, “Confiscation of his properties in inevitable. That huge debt needs to be paid back to the banks. But it seems the verdict later this week will show some leniency towards those calendars.”

The Supreme Court noted that the Calendars featuring female models dressed in beach wear has little monetary value and will not fetch anything substantial at the auction.

The Association of Probationary Officers from SBI however are of a different opinion. They plan to challenge this leniency and will request the courts that the calendars too be taken away and distributed among young PO’s of the bank. “Banking as a profession is very stressful. These calendars will help young officers to deal with work pressure,” said the Association Chief.

The liquor baron too is doing his best to save his Calendars. “They may not have monetary value, but they do have sentimental value. An entire generation hit puberty thanks to these calendars. In a repressive country like India, these calendars were revolutionary. They explored a woman’s beauty like it was never imagined before,” Mallya said while speaking to reporters.

He also rued the fact that his aforementioned contributions were totally sidelined by authorities. “I have given so much to the society. Any other country would have given me the highest civilian award. But I am treated like a criminal in my own country,” a dejected Mallya said while speaking to our reporter.