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Excessive popularity of Roadies costs Chandigarh a place in Smart Cities list

29, Jan 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday announced the names of the first 20 cities selected to be developed as smart cities and one surprising omission was Chandigarh. India’s first planned city failed to make it to the coveted list and now the ministry has given the reason behind it, Reality Shows like Roadies!

Welcome to Roadies
Welcome to Roadies

Answering a question from a Chandigarh based Faking News reporter, a Ministry official said, “Come on man. How can we call a city smart when it is full of hardcore Roadies fans? The city has become synonymous with that dumb show now. To call such a city smart will be cheating with all the other cities in India. We couldn’t do it.”

Chandigarh is one of the most popular destinations for the MTV reality show Roadies and always gets one of the highest representations in the show.

“The city is not showing any signs of changing its path. After Roadies, even Splitsvilla, which is an even dumber show than Roadies, attracts many Chandigarh youngsters. If the nonsense of these shows wasn’t enough, this time even Bigg Boss saw a Chandigarh guy winning, thus ensuring its popularity in the city. We can’t make such a city smart bhai, humse na ho payega”, explained the ministry official.

This decision has fueled a debate across the city with many youngsters protesting against the ministry’s decision.

We met several such youngsters on the streets of Chandigarh for their reaction to this news and got some interesting answers. A young man named Sitara Singh thundered, “Ashraf Ali, your cities may be smart, we have no problem with that but our Roadies was Smart, is smart and will always remain smart!” While another young man Simarpreet told us, “Smart cities may or may not be developed as planned but Roadies is guaranteed to come back next year, what else will Ranvijay do? We don’t care for this unpredictability of smart city plan, Roadies is enough for us.”

Not everyone in Chandigarh was willing to give up on the Smart City tag though. A Panjab University student Jyotsana told us, “I think we should take it as a Roadies task. We have to prove it to the ministry that we have the fire, passion and determination in us to be called a Smart City. Once we execute this task, they will accept that we have it in us.”

Meanwhile, Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana administrations all started blaming each other for screwing up Chandigarh’s chances in Smart City list before they were reminded that all of them are run by BJP+Allies.