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Excessively strong office AC found turning employees into an army of White Walkers

25, Jul 2017 By @jurnoleast

Season 7 of GoT may have just begun and winter may be far away here in India, but White Walkers have already starting showing up in many offices thanks to strong unregulated centralized air conditioning.

Sources say that IT companies are the worst affected especially those putting in 18 hr shift.

“IT workers are notorious for being called zombies thanks to their long working hours. But now with these centralized AC’s, these zombies are freezing into scarier entities. By the time winter arrives almost 50% of the workforce, provided they are not fired, will turn into White Walkers,” said an industry veteran.

Rohit Ramkrishnan, senior programmer at Infokick Technologies, recollected an incident which might just lend credence to the aforementioned prediction. “I was sitting in office working on some bug sheets. The AC was freezing and I could see some of my colleagues shivering. Thanks to the endless cups of coffee I could survive. But many of my colleagues succumbed and were reborn as ice creatures,” he said.

A few organizations have seen the HR department playing a proactive role in dealing with the situation by providing the staff with used decoration material to keep themselves warm.

Association of AC Affected Employees (AAAE) however says that the efforts are not enough. “It has now gone beyond the point where just turning off the AC will help. They are coming for us. We might have to come up with our own Nightswatch,” said the spokesperson for AAAE.