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EXCLUSIVE: Vijay Mallya's resignation letter leaked

03, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

To                                                                                                                                                                2nd May 2016

The Chairman

Rajya Sabha, India

Subject: Resignation from Rajya Sabha membership

Dear Sir,

With all due respect, I beg to state that I am resigning from my Rajya Sabha membership with immediate effect.

I thought you will fire me or at least suspend me after I didn’t pay back my loans and brought disrepute to the house of elders but apparently Shatrughan Sinha has a greater chance of getting fired from BJP then me getting fired from Rajya Sabha. Therefore, I had to make the decision myself and send across this resignation letter.

This wasn’t an easy decision for me. After all I had bought fought a lot to get this Rajya Sabha seat. I thought people will prefix Member of Parliament in front of my name once I join Rajya Sabha but now all they add is willful defaulter. When the basic purpose of this membership isn’t getting served then what is the point in continuing? Further, my passport has been canceled while I was running from law looking after my business in England so how can I return to India to attend parliament sessions? I had offered to shout in Rajya Sabha via conference call but I was told that one must be shouting in person to be a responsible Rajya Sabha member.

There was financial aspect to consider as well. The salary is so shit that I can’t even save it to pay back my loans. Even the reimbursements I had filed are still awaiting your signature. And I’m not dealing with any helicopter purchase too where I can make money on the side. In fact whatever money I made as Rajya Sabha guy, I used that to buy one bed for my yacht. No point continuing in a job that doesn’t pay well. I will have to expand my business to pay my debts and support my family as I have started learning why Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra Ji keep working even in their old age.

I appreciate the bank loans that I got thanks to my stature as a Rajya Sabha MP. The support provided by fellow politicians was always encouraging me to take more loans but as they turn away from me in my moment of crisis, I feel it is best to leave all this behind and make a fresh start.

In the end, I once again confirm that I have resigned as a Rajya Sabha MP request you to adjourn my membership sine die.

Vijay Mallya