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Extortionist hires PreSchool admission officer to head business

01, Sep 2016 By @jurnoleast

Delhi: An Admission Officer got an unusual job offer from an extortionist who was impressed with the officers ability to extort money from parents who were looking to get their kids admitted to PreSchool.

Same business with a fancy name
Same business with a fancy name

OM Aggarwal, in-charge of admissions at Tinytots International PreSchool was offered a mind boggling 1Cr package by dreaded gangster Gundalal Yadav to head the extortion vertical of his gang.

Speaking to Faking News Gundalal said, “The business environment has not been good for the last few years. Gangsters like us dominated this space for decades. But now things have changed and we are facing stiff competition from media. In fact, many of our valuable employees have joined news channels. Attrition rate is almost 50%. How do we earn our livelihood under such circumstances?”

Elaborating on Mr. Aggrawals appointment to the top post Gundalal explained how he spotted ‘raw talent’. “My sources told me stories about ‘PreSchool admissions’ and how  they give fancy names like ‘capitation fee’ and make parents pay money. I have been in this business for 20 years and have never come across something like this. And best part is, parents willingly pay money,” he exclaimed.

“Besides, TruCaller has ruined our business. Parents just ignore our threat calls once they see my name flashing on their smartphone. Compare this with PreSchools, where parents are waiting in anticipation to get a call,” said Mr. Yadav with an annoyed look, clearly angry with the treatment meted out to him.

When questioned if quitting extortion starting his own PreSchool would have been a good idea, Gundalal said,” I think that is the future. Horizontal integration is inevitable.”