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With both eyes twitching at regular intervals, man unable to decide whether its a good or bad omen

13, Sep 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Delhi: A local man was found frantically googling about eye-twitching this evening as both his eyes were twitching at regular intervals, leaving him in a state of confusion. 32 yrs old Ankit, who is a firm believer in all superstitions, is totally confused whether he will be blessed with good luck or bad luck is about to come visit him.

Good luck or bad?

Ankit Sharma had returned late from office after updating an excel sheet for 4 hours in the evening which left his eyes sore. After getting fresh, he observed that both his eyes started twitching which made him think of the famous superstition related to luck.

“Is it a good omen for me? Will I get the promotion for submitting the document I was asked to?”, Ankit thought as his left eye started twitching. After 15 minutes, he observed that his right-eye started twitching all of a sudden, neutralizing the possible good omen. “No, I don’t think so. The promotion doesn’t belong to me any more. I must have screwed up and made mistakes in that document. I think I should even forget about the money I invested in my cousin’s start-up”, he told himself before beginning google search.

As google search yielded multiple, contradicting results on eye-twitching omens, an incident that occurred to him subsequently convinced him that right-eye twitching was a bad omen. “When my left-eye started twitching again, one of his old female colleagues at work pinged him to check how he was doing. I was so excited that a female had finally pinged me after a very long time. After a few moments, when it was the right eye, she told him that she was engaged and going to get married soon”, Ankit said when Faking News asked him for more explanation.