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Facebook shares beat silent prayers as means to wish someone good

12, Sep 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Researchers have announced a major behavioral change in the human race where human beings have been found to be sharing content on Facebook more frequently than saying a silent prayer to support a cause, idea, or an individual.

“This is a universal phenomenon,” Aseem Gupta, one of the research team members informed, “People are sharing a photo or a Facebook post more often than saying a silent prayer to help a hungry child or a whole bunch of human beings suffering from earthquake or tsunami.”

Facebook Share Meme
An image shared most probably by someone whose behavior hasn’t been modified yet

“Of course, no one is expecting them to actually do anything; like stepping outside and actually helping someone or donating a few things,” he clarified, “But even when it comes do doing nothing, prayers have lost to Facebook shares.”

Researchers claim that this was not the first silent prayers faced challenge from an alternative form of doing nothing but feeling good, however, this was the first time it lost the race.

“There were credible threats from online petitions, Microsoft-will-pay-one-dollar-for-every-forward-of-this-e-mail, or buy-this t-shirt-and-help-us-send-a-kid-to-school kind of trends but somehow people still preferred to say a little prayer than do these things,” Aseem told Faking News.

“However, Facebook has changed everything,” he added.

Researchers claim that photos with embedded text such as “Must share if you are a true Indian” are partially responsible for this changed behavior by the human beings.

“People are now sharing photos instinctively after seeing such messages as they would lower their eyes and heads after seeing a God’s picture,” Aseem revealed the covert conditioning Facebook posts had on human beings leading to behavior modification.

The research findings have been welcomed by Facebook, which justified its acquisition of photo-sharing website Instagram as photos were the most shared content on the social networking websites.

“It also shows that Facebook is replacing Google as the God of the virtual world,” Mark Zuckerberg claimed, and hoped that the findings will increase prices of Facebook shares.