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Facebook will give an option to check-in to major traffic signals in Bengaluru

25, Jun 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Facebook is planning to add a new feature which will allow people to check-in to major traffic signals in big cities. As part of it, Facebook India has zeroed down on IT city, Bengaluru to run it as a pilot program.

“It was no brainer for us to choose Bengaluru as it has some of the iconic traffic signals. As most of the IT city people spend their day and night in these traffic signals, we thought let us allow them to check-in to these signals as soon as they reach there”, said Umang Bedi head of Facebook India while speaking to us.


“The advantage of doing that, is your family, friends know where are you right now. Second so many of your close friends would waiting at the same signal. As these signals allow you to spend few hours at once place, you can look for your friends and go and meet them”, said Mr. Bedi.

“Cab aggregators like Ola and Uber are super-excited to see this feature coming. As almost all the roads in IT city are one-ways, they are planning to launch a service called OLA WALK and UBER WALK where one person from these companies will hold your hand and take you to the person you are looking for”, said Mr. Bedi on how this feature will be a game changer for many.

Anuj Saxena who used the Facebook feature on first day had a big fight with his wife after he reached home around mid-night. “Now my wife, Rashmi is asking me, you checked-in to Silk Board signal around 6 PM, why it took you six hours to come to JP Nagar 1st phase, hardly 4 Kilometer after the signal”, said Anuj, without no dinner served to him was managing with the Guava he purchased at the signal.

“As soon as I crossed Marathahalli bridge, option to check-in to silk board signal popped up. How I will convince her, traffic snarl was some 12 kilometers, Facebook app considered it as one signal. Some 500 of my friends were showing checked-in to same signal, I did not try to meet one also. She is saying I am such an irresponsible person, don’t care for my family, tomorrow she will go her mom’s place”.

Anuj to save his marriage has deleted his Facebook app from his mobile.