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Failed students to be addressed as Moral winners/Heart winners, announces HRD Minister Prakash Javdekar

22, Dec 2017 By Guest Patrakar

BJP retained power in Gujarat, after 22 years of anti-incumbency, in a closer than expected contest. Defying most of the exit polls, Congress performed better and managed to restrict BJP within 99.

Addressing the media for the first time after the results, Congress’ newly elected president Pandit Rahul Gandhi referred to his party’s loss as Moral Victory.

To not belittle people it is sensible to use euphemisms, such as calling “Weakness” as “Opportunity for improvement”. Soon after Rahul Gandhi’s statement, HRD minister Prakash Javdekar announced that from March 2018, failed students will be addressed as Moral winners or Heart winners.

Congress party has praised the central govt. for the decision and called Rahul Gandhi a visionary. Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha while speaking to Faking News said, “Rahul Gandhi has come of age, he’s now a leader youngsters want. His every statement becomes a quote now. Whether it is Aloo factory statement or ‘Politics is in my shirt and pant’ statement, he has been able to get the attention and win the hearts of millions.”

AAP leader and in charge of Gujarat assembly election, Gopal Rai gave a controversial statement after Rahul Gandhi addressed media on Tuseday. Gopal through a series of tweets said that if Congress ministers, even after losing elections, call themselves victorious on moral grounds then we are the bigger winners as all our candidates have not only lost the election but also lost their deposits.

Faking News reporter spoke to BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi. Sudhanshu said, “Rahul Gandhi has helped BJP more than he has helped Congress. If Rahul Gandhi calls this as victory then I wish him many such victories in years to come.”