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After failing every year, man resolves to go to gym daily in 2018 for sixth consecutive year

24, Dec 2017 By itsmihir1993

1st January se gym jaunga,” said Satish, a resident of Lokhandwala, while announcing his New Year resolution of going to the gym every day in 2018. Immediately after the announcement, his family members burst into laughter as this is the sixth successive year when he’s resolved to hit the gym regularly, after failing to do so for five years.

New Resolutions
New Resolutions

Satish, a mechanical engineer, keeps himself locked in his room the entire day. “One of the reasons I don’t go to the gym is because people start asking me where I work. How do I tell them that I am an engineer?” said a worried Satish. He also added that not owning an iPhone holds him back from going to the gym. “If I go, I will not be able to click mirror selfies with the Apple logo visible. Going to the gym just to exercise is clearly pointless,” he said.

Satish’s father, who goes to the same gym every morning, said, “The gym is just a km away from our house. So that he doesn’t have to wake up early in the morning for working out, he chose the evening time. After failing to go to the gym every evening, he got himself a treadmill in the house. However, the treadmill has only served us the purpose of hanging and drying clothes.”

Surprisingly, Satish’s gym trainer is happy with the weight he’s shed despite not attending regularly. “When I first saw him—five years ago—he weighed 125 kg. Then, he disappeared for the entire year only to appear on 1st January of the succeeding year. He had lost weight, so I didn’t reprimand him for skipping the gym sessions. He has maintained this pattern for the last five years. I don’t know how he’s losing weight; maybe it’s engineering,” he said.