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Fairness cream manufacturer starts selling mushrooms; Modi hired brand ambassador

14, Dec 2017 By itsmihir1993

Gujarat Legislative Assembly Elections have never been this interesting as every contesting party is making equal efforts to hit a new low every day to win people’s votes in 2017.

Recently, Gujarat Congress OBC leader Alpesh Thakor revealed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has developed fair complexion by eating imported mushrooms, each of which costs Rs 80,000. The revelation made from the leader led a major fairness cream manufacturer to stop the production and sell mushrooms as a product to attain fair skin.

The fairness cream manufacturer has also roped in PM Modi as its brand ambassador. “The bright, smiling face of Modi ji will be the face of our brand. We have also made advertisements showing Narendra Modi with the Snapchat filter. This will give an accurate idea to the consumers of how they will look while uploading their selfies on various social media platforms,” said the CEO of the fairness cream manufacturing company.

He further added that the company is planning to make advertisements showing Narendra Modi tour various nations, “We plan to make our consumers think that if you use our mushrooms, you can go on world tours without having to do any work for a living.”

The company has witnessed a high demand of mushrooms, especially from women. “When we produced fairness cream, our consumer base mainly comprised women. Now that we have started selling mushrooms, the demand among women has only increased because the mushroom will serve multiple purposes,” said a formulating scientist at the company.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi launched an attack on Narendra Modi for consuming imported mushrooms. In a public rally organised in Ahmedabad to secure votes in the ongoing state elections, he said, “Why was Modi ji importing mushrooms all this while despite promoting ‘Make in India’ in the country?”