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Faking News Annual Awards: Celebrating excellence in 2015

02, Jan 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: 2015 has come to an end and now we sit back and reflect on the year gone by. This is the time to recognize some of the best performers in 2015 in various fields. So ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you Faking News Awards 2015- Celebrating excellence .

Traveler of the year: The one and only Narendra Modi. The man was on a mission to travel across the world and boy did he perform an admirable job. Stuart Binny tried hard to match him by traveling around with the Indian cricket team but Modi was in a league of his own. 05131a95-e8e6-4799-b6eb-8d5e2e5e8919

Father of the year: Lalu Prasad Yadav bags this coveted title as he ensured Government jobs for two of his sons. After Stuart Binny, it was the turn of father Roger Binny to miss out narrowly on an award. He gave Lalu stiff competition but stability of the government job won it for Lalu.

Wife of the year: Indrani Mukherjea. It took us a while to understand the family tree but once done, there was no other contender in our mind.

Girlfriend of the year: Anushka Sharma. She took all the blame for Kohli’s early dismissal in the World Cup semifinal. Deepika was the other notable performer for sticking with Ranvir Singh and that mustache.

Brother of the year: Bhai Salman Khan once again. After getting convicted for hit and run case in May, Bhai ended the year by getting cleared of all charges.

Sister of the year: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. When Smriti Irani stepped up the attack on Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, sister Priyanka responded to Smriti’s charges.

Farewell of the year: Kiran Bedi who bid farewell to her political career after a thorough drubbing in Delhi. There were retirements by Sehwag and Zaheer Khan too but with West Indies being busy during that time, they never got a decent farewell.

Master debater of the year: Shobha De who appeared on NewsHour more frequently than Rohit Sharma in jokes. Doesn’t matter what the topic was, she was always ready with an opinion. Sometimes the opinion and the topic didn’t even match but she never lost her poise and confidence. Suhel Seth, who won this record for 5 consecutive years didn’t appear on enough debates to make the cut this year.

Dog of the year: Somnath Bharti’s dog Don who finally proved Amitabh Bachchan wrong and showed that it is possible to arrest Don. He also held up under police questioning and didn’t rat out his master. Some dogs tried bravely to challenge by running on to the runways and cricket grounds but seriously, they had no chance against Don.

Back to the past award of the year: Apple won this award in style by reintroducing people to the stylus. Bihar extortion industry made a late charge by bringing back the glory days of ransom and extortion but we felt they need to perform consistently over a longer period to get the award.

Blame Modi for everything award of the year: It was a very stiff contest for the first 11 months between Kejriwal and Twitter Right Wing. While Kejriwal kept blaming Modi for everything wrong in the country, Twitter RW kept linking Jaitley’s appointment by Modi to everything wrong with the world. Kejriwal’s attack on Jaitley in December changed the equation though and with Twitter RW defending Jaitley, Kejriwal coasted to victory.