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Falguni Pathak still visible after Navratri, spotted at a restaurant enjoying food

09, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Navratri has ended but Falguni Pathak is still visible. As per eyewitness, the singer was spotted at a restaurant in Borivili suburb of Mumbai where she was having lunch. Dressed in casual attire, Falguni was seen savoring traditional Gujarati dishes at the eatery, totally unmindful of the stares she’d be receiving from curious onlookers.

The news of her visibility has shocked her fans, who along were believed that she is only visible during 9 days of the festival. Some even called it unsubstantiated rumors till images of the singer made its way to social media.

“At first I thought it was some doppelganger trying to get some cheap publicity. But it seems it really was Falguni Pathak. This is so unlike the singer we have known for all these years. Hope is is not quitting performing at Dandiya events from next year,” remarked a concerned fan of the singer.

The concern was shared by other too. Though close friends and family refused to part with any information about Falguni’s mysterious appearance, Faking News spoke to Mr. Darshan Mehta who claims to be Falguni’s next door neighbor. “Even I don’t get to see her as often after those 9 days. Last year after she came back from her performance on the last day, I saw her fade away as she walked back home,” he revealed.

Her visibility has sparked off heated debate in social media circles. Many even calling for a formal investigation, while others attributed the anomaly to climate change. “Weird things are happening all around and I won’t be surprised if an investigation pins the blame of her visibility on environment degradation,” said a miffed climate change activist.