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Family demonitizes rs. 2000 notes to curb the expenses of teenage son

03, Sep 2017 By RT

Mumbai. A family of four has demonitised rs. 2000 notes to curb the expense of a teenager at home, it is learnt by Faking News. The teenage boy never brings any change back when given a rs. 2000 note, even when sent to buy a bunch of curry leaves, it is reported by the family.


“We demonitised rs. 2000 currency notes in our home. I still remember the dramatic announcement by my father at an even more dramatic hour. He called all of us to the living room and announced that from that moment, the home demonitises rs. 2000 notes. Anyone in possession of rs. 2000 will have to return it to the head of the family at once. Anyone caught leaving home with the high value note will be grounded for a month” the teenage boy’s younger sister told Faking News.

“I don’t believe in bringing change to our home. When I am given some money, it is only for spending. If it is rs.10, I will buy a cigarette. For rs.100, it will be a cutting at a local bar. A rs.500 note will see me visiting a restaurant for beer and biryani. Only when I get a rs.2000 note, I can ask my girlfriend out for a date” the teenage boy told Faking News.

“Now with the demonitisation, I will not have easy outings anymore. I will have to buy curry leaves four times in a week, to raise enough money. That too if I don’t get a rs.500 for the vegetable shop visit, then I will probably have to wait for an entire month or may be more to make the kind of money needed for a date. Honestly, I never liked the colour of rs.2000 note. But, that’s what makes my life colourful” the boy complained about the demonitisation.

“I can allow my children to have some pocket money and spend it the way they want to. The problem with my son is that whatever goes to his pocket, becomes his pocket money. With rs.2000 note in circulation, we have had serious issues to curb the expenses. After demonitisation, we are having more control now” the father told Faking News.

Going by the way the little girl spends money with her class activities and park picnics with other kids from school, the family is planning to demonitise rs.500 notes also, it is learnt by Faking News.