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Family hires event management company to take care of child's school activities

25, Aug 2017 By RT

Mumbai. A nuclear family in the city has hired an event management company to take care of child’s school activities, it is learnt by Faking News. The school activities, on a daily basis, is considered to be equivalent to 1 or 2 events or a craft show for children of class 5 and below, it is further learnt by the online news giant.

The conceptualisation of the idea, the presentation format, number of materials needed and to coordinate and execute the daily activities was getting totally out of hand for this family. Their only son is studying 4th standard in an international school, equipped with local teachers who have never seen or been anything international. Recently, the family has hired an event management company to take care of the daily school activities.

“On any given day, I work for 4 to 5 hours in office and about 8 hours at home, doing my son’s school activities. My wife stopped from her job and took up 4th standard activities as her full-time job. Still we are unable to manage the demands of the school. My son often gets B+ instead of an A. We are outsourcing this work to an event management firm in the city. Hopefully, he will get straight ‘A’s now,” the father of 9 year old told Faking News.

“I am happy with my husband’s decision. Finally, I will have a life of my own. It was getting too difficult to manage a day with television serials, Whatsapp groups, Facebook posts and neighborhood gossips alongside the school activities. Now, I am free. Immediately, I have joined two more groups and even going to be active in the team that criticizes everything around us in the local community” the mother of the 4th standard boy told Faking News.

The event management company was more than happy with the new assignment. “We get all sorts of things to do with events ranging from birthday parties to farewell parties to rehabilitation parties and up to break-up parties. A school activities assignment is a challenge for us. We have hired a couple of PhD scholars to guide our team through this. Our business will see a boom in the education industry in the coming years,” the CEO of the company told Faking News.

The family has also hired a part-time packer and mover to move the school bag from home to school and back, on a daily basis, it is further learnt by Faking News.