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Farmer throws frogs at Sharad Pawar

24, Aug 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Hyderabad. An angry farmer threw a couple of frogs at union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar, who had come here to inaugurate a website aimed at providing psychiatric help to farmers with suicidal tendencies. The farmer had reportedly suffered heavy losses due to drought and was agitated with government’s inability to help him. The frogs, apparently a married couple, landed on Sharad Pawar’s head before being taken into custody.

“The farmer has been mentally unstable after his crop loss, and we had invited him as he could have needed the website’s services. We had made sure that no one carried anything solid and heavy and had made everyone take off their shoes. We had no idea that someone could throw frogs as well,” the security-in-charge of the event expressed helplessness.

The farmer, identified as Anantkumar Reddy hailing from Himambad village in Medak district, was caught by Sharad Pawar’s supporters and beaten black and blue on the spot. The police first took the frogs into custody and then proceeded to arrest Anantkumar, who was half-dead by that time.

Later on Sharad Pawar pardoned the farmer and he was released. Both the frogs were handed over to the forest department, which has lodged a case against Anantkumar for putting the lives of the amphibians in danger by tossing them recklessly in air.

Family members of Anantkumar have denied that the poor farmer had any evil intentions behind throwing frogs at the agriculture minister, although they agreed that recently he was very agitated due to lack of rains that ruined his crops.

File picture of frogs that were thrown at Sharad Pawar
File picture of frogs that were thrown at Sharad Pawar

“He had gone several times to district collector to inquire if the government had any alternate plans for irrigation but never got any answer. He was also very disappointed at weather forecasts going wrong and had stopped trusting the government machinery altogether. As a last resort, he got two frogs married last month as a local scholar had told him that it can cause rains and make India richer. Those were the same frogs he threw at Pawar saab today,” Anantkumar’s sobbing wife told Faking News.

Anantkumar is currently recuperating in a local hospital and would be questioned by forest officials once he regains his health. According to his family members, Anantkumar is thinking of giving up farming and become a laborer to get some money under NREGA that will help him fight the court case for showing cruelty to the frogs.