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In fastest fingers first, Amitabh Bachchan asks contestants to list incidents in Hrithik-Kangana affair in chronological order

09, Oct 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

KBC has changed a lot, but somethings have still remained pretty much the same as compared to the first season. One such thing is the fastest fingers first round where a contestant has to punch in the right options in a proper order to be selected for the hot seat round. The fastest finger round generates lot of buzz as people watching the show also try to match up to the answers at the best possible speed. Yesterday was the first time, no one from the contestant got the answer to the fastest finger question correct as their question was really tough.


Most of the questions in the fastest finger round are always easy, and its just a test of one’s typing ability, which anyways people have got in plenty due to the use of smartphones. But yesterdays question was really the toughest, so tough that even Amit ji failed to give the right answer and experts were called to solve the question. Actually the question was based on the current hot topic of discussion, that is the Hrithik-Kangana spat. The question asked contestants to put incidents in the affair into a chronological order. I mean is there a tougher question than this, I don’t think so. The are so many incidents in the whole story, then there are sub-incidents, reports, mails, photos, interviews so many things. How is a person supposed to know all these. Even Hrithik and Kangana sometimes fail to arrange the incidents in proper order, forget about the common man.

KBC organizers had to finally scrap the question and had to draft in a separate one for the fastest finger round. Even the cyber crime personnel are finding it tough to organize the events in a proper order for them to crack the case.