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Fat guys in office in demand as HR prepares for office Christmas party

19, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Christmas is almost upon us and with that, HR departments in several companies are preparing for the office Christmas parties. For every Christmas party, they need a Santa Claus and that has suddenly made all the fat guys in the office very popular in the HR department.

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Last 3 months of the year are particularly stressful for HR as they have to prepare for Diwali celebrations, Eid celebrations, Gurupurab celebrations and close the year with Christmas celebration. While they don’t need any outside help for the other days, they do need a Santa Claus for Christmas and that is when they start focusing on the guys with layers of fat.

“Throughout the year we treat all employees equally and we ignore them no matter who they are. However, for Christmas we do need a fat guy to dress up as Santa Claus so we start focusing on the fat ones in the office once December starts. Not many people volunteer to be Santa because that means you have to stay for the entire duration of the ‘party’, have to be in costume when nobody else is, you aren’t allowed to drink because nobody wants a drunks Santa and you can’t hit on any girl during the party so we have to really convince people to get someone to agree”, an HR manager told Faking News.

“Further, if you are selected to play Santa Claus then that confirms your status as the fattest guy in the office. Nobody wants that tag and people try all sorts of things to avoid getting that tag. However, when they see HR approaching them, talking to them about their problems at work, even solving one or two of them, they enter a state of shock and we use that particular moment to get them to agree”, he explained his strategy.