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Father leaves behind family’s traditional court case for his son in his will

04, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Jaipur: 65 years old Anurag Singh unfortunately passed away last week. He has left a unique will for his son, something that has never been seen before. In his will, there is only one item mentioned- A court case that Singh family has been fighting for the past 3 generations. Now Anurag’s son has inherited the case and will continue to fight it.

Insaaf ke mandir me der hai, andher nahi.

Giving the background of the case, Anurag’s neighbours told Faking News that Anurag’s grandfather filed this property case after their land was illegally occupied by someone. Since then, this case has been there in their family. Anurag’s grandfather passed it on to his son, who passed it on to Anurag, who has passed it on to his son.

While everyone else was surprised, Anurag’s son seemed to be expecting the will’s content. “What else was left for him to give me any way? All our other assets have been sold to pay the lawyer’s fees. Thanks to our case alone, lawyer’s family passes on bigger and bigger houses for their kids, we pass on this court case. I requested my father many times that we should withdraw our case and forget all about it but he didn’t agree. He was so emotionally attached to it because this case has been in the family for so many generations. Now he has made me promise that I will keep visiting the court till I get a final verdict”, he said while removing dust off the case files gathered in his rented 1 BHK apartment.

When we asked the concerned lawyer when will this case be finally settled, he said ,”It is too early to comment on that. Lets see, in 3-4 generations time my great great grandson will give you a better idea about the timeline.”