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Father removes name of his kids from his will after nobody responds to his good morning WhatsApp forward

11, Jan 2018 By Guest Patrakar
If you think whatsapp can never be harmful for you then you might have to think again. In a bizarre incident in Pune, a father removed his sons from his will after they didn’t reply to his whatsapp forward, which says “Good Morning! Enjoy what all have you got while it’s here and now”
65 year old Ram Prasad Sharma removed his children Akshay and Varun from the family group of which Ram Prasad was the only admin. Group had 12 members and all the members frequently converse with each other. It was the first time Akshay and Varun missed replying to their father’s WhatsApp greeting.
Ram Prasad sharma was banker before he retired. It’s just 3 years since he started using whatsapp he got addicted to it. Ram Prasad is member of several WhatsApp groups. Faking News reporter spoke to Ram Prasad to understand the situation better. Ram Prasad said “I had never taken such harsh decision in life, but my children forced me to do so. I have been messaging my near and dear ones good morning texts from past three years. I personally check whether he everyone has responded to my morning greetings. While I thought it was others who ignore me, it was shocking that my children were the ones who chose to ignore me. They didn’t reply to me so I decided to give them a befitting reply. And you know what I did. I don’t regret my decision.
On this accusation of his father, Akshay told us “Pa has been sending us annoying whatsapp forwards. It so embarrassing to open phone in front of colleagues when your phone gallery is full of such annoying images. I had been very polite to him I infact asked him subtly to wish in person or phone call but he didn’t get it apparently. So finally, I muted him and hence didn’t notice his WhatsApp forward.
Sometimes we have to do something not to make ourselves happy but to put a smile on someone else’s face. Probably Varun and Akshay couldn’t understand this. And lost something much bigger than their father’s properties.