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FD matures by the time Bengaluru man returns home after opening it

19, Sep 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Satish, a resident of Hoskote which is roughly 25 km from Bengaluru city was getting annoyed after he got repeated calls on the way while returning home from his bank. The bank people were calling him to inform his FD has matured, what they have to do with the maturity amount.

“Bank person told me while opening FD he forgot to ask the option whether the maturity amount needs to be reinvested or credited to my savings account, that’s why he was calling me repeatedly,” said Satish.

Satish added, “How on earth this is possible? I opened the FD yesterday, now they are telling me it has matured before I could reach home. Argued with the bank person, are you sure I am the right person. He told my Aadhaar number which was linked with my bank account. He was kind enough to send the picture of the form I had filled where I had done a mistake. Wrongly I had filled 2 days instead of 2 years for FD duration.”

While sharing details about his reason to visit branch, Satish said, “Some seven years back, one builder lured me by telling 30 minutes’ drive from the city, I took an apartment here. Now it takes thirty minutes to take my car out from parking lot to main national highway that connects with the city. When I wanted to open a FD, bank people asked so many questions like when you did your KYC last, have you linked your Aadhaar to Pan, Aadhaar to bank account etc. I had no other option other than going to the branch to do the needful.”

Satish added, “While leaving, had assured my family with the current traffic situation as google map shows I will be back within three days after opening FD. I was so close to my place, just eight more hours I could have reached, call came, now I have to go back to bank again. Have informed my family, need three more days.”

Bank is capitalizing on this mistake. Putting a *conditions apply exclusively for Bengaluru people, bank is claiming your FDs can mature before you reach home.