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Fearing competition, Cigarette companies lobbying to get breathing banned in NCR

04, Nov 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: With the annual increase in pollution levels across NCR, breathing in the region for a day has become equal to smoking 40+ Cigarettes. This has seriously started impacting Cigarette manufacturers as smokers just prefer to inhale the air than opt for a cigarette.

delhi smog

Fearing loss of business, all cigarette manufacturing companies have come together and started lobbying to get breathing banned in the region.

Earlier, e-cigarettes were successfully banned by the government after it was found that addiction to e-cigarettes resulted in loss of business for the giant  tobacco companies  impacted the health of the smokers. Fueled by that success, these companies are now hopeful of getting breathing banned in the same way.

Speaking to Faking News, a VP of a tobacco giant said, “Well first of all, there is no way we will attract new customers in this environment. Everyone starts thinking their lungs are already getting screwed so why add cigarette smoke to it so we are anyway facing challenges with respect to growth. Then the habitual smokers also cut down because they can get their fix just by breathing in the air. To compound the problem, the daredevil smokers who still want to smoke despite breathing in 40 cigarettes per day in Delhi can’t find the panwaadi due to the poor visibility. How are we going to survive in this condition? Even smokers from other states are relocating to Delhi during winters to enjoy smoking without buying cigarettes. It is a nightmare.”

“We pay a lot of money to the government through taxes, we employ thousands of people, we make sure doctors in the hospitals are never idle thanks to our products, in return, surely government can ban breathing in NCR for next couple of months to revive our business?” he went on to add.

Meanwhile, Delhi’s air quality showed a dramatic improvement today and breathing for 24 hours now affects you only as much as smoking 35 cigarettes, instead of the usual 40.