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Fed up Delhi youth start a protest against protests

22, Feb 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi:  Fed up of daily protests in their city, a group of Delhi youngsters has decided to start a protest against all the protests.

protest sign seen at the protest
protest sign seen at the protest

“One day there are AISA students from JNU protesting, next day ABVP students against them protesting, next day journalists marching, and day after lawyers marching and after them Jats from Haryana come here to protest. It is a never ending sequence of protests and we have had enough”, a 25 yrs old youngster Sushil Sharma told us.

“Earlier we only had the political protests. Either Kejriwal was protesting or Delhi BJP was protesting or MCD was protesting. Even Anna Hazare used to come once in a while like Halley’s Comet but now everyone has jumped in. Everyone is protesting, I doubt half of them even know why they are protesting. Bas fashion ho gaya hai ji”, Sushil went on to add.

Another person present at the “protest”, Ms Meenu Jindal explained their reasoning, “When you can’t beat them, join them. We can’t get rid of the protest culture in this city so we might as well start protesting too. We didn’t have any other cause for protest so we started a protest against all these protests.”

The group will take out a protest march from Jantar Mantar to Select City walk Saket where they will go to watch a movie after their protest. There were colorfully drawn posters all over Jantar Mantar saying “Hum kya maangein, Azaadi, protests se Azaadi. Daily marches se Azaadi,  Dharne waalon se Azaadi

Meanwhile, Delhi Police has confirmed that this group doesn’t have the necessary permissions to take out their protest march and police will arrest anyone out protesting without permission.

“Once we arrest them for this protest, they can start a protest against Delhi Police. We are helping them find some purpose in life”, a Delhi Police inspector said on condition of anonymity.

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