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Fed up of disappearing stationery, man installs CCTV cameras on his work desk

03, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Frustrated with the repeated disappearance of his stationery items, 33 yrs old Sandeep Singh has installed 4 CCTVs all around his work desk to track who takes his stationery

Where do they go?

Office desks are generally considered the Bermuda triangles for stationery items. Everyone notices pens, pencils, staplers, calculators etc reaching the desk but then nobody can explain the sudden disappearance of these items. Sandeep, it seems, has decided to finally solve the mystery of this missing stationery.

When we spoke to Sandeep, he explained his decision to us and said, “I have been working in this office for 11 yrs and I must have lost 11,000 pens, 5,000 markers, 1,100 pencils, 500 Staplers 1,000 glue sticks and 100 scissors during that item, enough is enough. I had to do something about it. Now obviously I suspect my colleagues but in the absence of hard evidence, I have to stay quiet. Through this CCTV footage, I will finally nail that elusive pen thief who comes to office to steal stationery.”

“Whenever I have to scratch an itch in my ears, it is so frustrating and irritating to find that my pen has disappeared again. I have to use unhygienic finger in the absence of a pen or pencil. Do these pen thieves realize how they are inconveniencing people?” Sandeep asked us but we had no answer to his query.

As per his family members, Sandeep spends 8 hours working in the office and then watches the footage from CCTV cameras for 8 hours after returning home. This idea of catching the stationery thief has become an obsession with him.

“He doesn’t let me watch any TV show, doesn’t let our child watch any cartoons. He makes the entire family gather around the TV and search for clues in the CCTV footage of the day”, said Mrs Sandeep.

As per his family members, Sandeep is planning to recruit ACP Pradyuman if he can’t catch the stationery thief on his own.