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File containing yet-to-be-cracked CWG jokes lost in heavy rains

14, Sep 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Heavy rains in Delhi might have helped the Commonwealth Games for a change. A local blogger has reported that his file, which contained handwritten notes on many new jokes about the games, got drenched in the rains, causing the notes to be smudged and making the jokes unreadable. The tragedy is believed to have washed away around 60 jokes that were yet to be cracked by anyone.

“I had left the notebook in the balcony and had forgotten to put it back in my room before leaving for my evening guitar classes. When I came back, I was shocked to see that the notebook had turned almost into pulp after getting soaked in rains for over an hour. I had lost all my jokes.” a visibly upset and morose Sameer, the 23-year-old blogger from Delhi, recalled the tragedy.

Delhi Rains
While other people would negotiate the situation arising out of heavy rains in Delhi, Sameer would create jokes on them

In the last couple of weeks, Sameer had penned down dozens of original jokes on the way Commonwealth Games were being organized and the steps being taken for it. He claims that the jokes had the potential of embarrassing the games organizers and the government a great deal.

“I would take down notes while being stuck in traffic during trial runs of CWG lanes. I would take them while listening to the theme song for the games, lyrics or tune of which I’m still not able to recall. Any news or information I’d get about CWG, I’d make a joke and jot it down to crack it at an appropriate time in future.” Sameer informed about the momentous task that has now gone waste due to rains.

Sameer is trying his best to recall the jokes but is getting mighty confused in the process.

“Corruption, incompetence, and absurdity were the hallmark of most of my jokes and they seem to be everywhere in each of the aspect related to the games. I can’t know which one was the focal point for which joke related to which event.” Sameer shared his frustration as he tried to recall the joke he had made about Delhi’s government decision to “hide” city’s beggars.

“My jokes were far better than what Faking News makes on the issue.” claimed the blogger, after which the interview was over.