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Film institute invites Haryana Police to teach fiction writing to students

13, Nov 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The CBI, on Sunday, said the investigation into Ryan International School student Pradyumn Thakur’s murder has revealed illegality and destruction of evidence by Gurugram Police. After facing pressure from all fronts, the Haryana Police had earlier accepted that they botched the probe into the murder in the school bathroom. But the distortions created by Haryana Police can easily be a part of film scripts, as they contain the balanced amount of drama and thrill some of the present movies can only dream off. Film Institute of India is so inspired by such great story telling that it invited the Haryana police officials to teach fiction writing to the students.


Right from framing the bus conductor for the murder of Pradyuman to using circumstantial evidences as per their advantage Haryana Police kept on writing an engaging story, a story people believed in. The twists and turns were much more thrilling than a Abbas Mustan plot. The way they used emotions to make people believe that Pradyuman was a victim of sexual molestation is itself a proof of emotion selling more than logic. Movies and most of the hit movies use emotion as the biggest tool to take viewers on an engaging journey and that is precisely what the Haryana police achieved in the Pradyuman case.

FTII chairman Anupam Kher has sent the official invitation letter to the Haryana Police commissioner and a reply is awaited. Meanwhile, the students at FTII are pretty ecstatic as they were too bored by the books they had to read to learn fiction writing. Shugato Banerjee who is into the 2nd year of screenplay writing said,” How much can a person learn from books? Only the basics, may be. But Haryana Police can teach us the subtle nuances to be taken care of while writing an engaging plot. We can’t thank Anupamji more for this exciting gesture.”