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FIR against Delhi man for threatening couple by wearing pink pants in public

16, Oct 2018 By @jurnoleast

A case has been registered against former BSP MLA’s brother for threatening a couple outside a 5 star hotel in Delhi. A video which went viral on social media shows the man brandishing a gun while the couple is seen to on the defense.

Eyewitness, however say that it is not gun that scared the couple, but the pink pants worn by the man which came across as threatening.

pink pants

Speaking to our reporter the couple said, “It was a small argument which escalated. But we were totally caught off guard by the attackers pink pants. I mean, are we living in a civilized society. How can someone do this so brazenly.”

Hotel staff who were witness to the incident called the cops before the situation went out of hand. “You never know what a man wearing pink pants can do. This could have easily gone out of control, so we called the cops to apprehend the alleged attacker.”

Sources say an FIR has been registered and the aforementioned MLA’s brother would be arrested soon. “The man has been arrested under charges of sartorial terrorism and our investigation is going on,” said a police officer.

Surprisingly, the man was also carrying a gun but the FIR makes no mention of it. The accused meanwhile called the entire incident as politically motivated and said that he was being unfairly targeted. “Pink is my favorite color. I bought this expensive pant from a boutique. See I haven’t even removed the price tag. How can they dictate what I should wear in public.”

Under intense media pressure, the cops are not taking any chances and have confiscated the pants and it will be sent to forensic lab for investigation.