Monday, 6th April, 2020


Fire bullets if you want but please don't use water cannon in this cold: Protesters to Delhi Police

01, Jan 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Protests against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) are continuing  across the country, including Delhi where protesters gathered in Shaheen Bagh to oppose this new act. While everything remained peaceful as the protests continued, but protesters are not taking any chances against possible police action and have already sent a special request to Delhi Police.

In the special request letter, protesters have asked Delhi Police to fire bullets if they want, but to totally avoid use of water cannons in this bitter cold. The temperature in the capital Delhi continued to drop with the city becoming colder than hill station Shimla. In such harsh weather conditions, people are trying their best to avoid water, and the cold water of water cannons is scarier than Voldemort.

Speaking to Faking News, one of the protesters at the site said, “We are braving these harsh conditions to come out here and protest against this Citizenship Act but even our bravery has limits. First of all, we are breathing in the open in Delhi 24×7, no air purifier here, then we are ready to face lathi charge or even bullets from the cops, but bhaiyya har cheez ki limit hoti hai, hum bhi insaan hain. Cold water will not be tolerated in this weather.”

“We have sent the request to the Police and hopefully they will keep that in consideration if things go out of hand. We are students, so Police should remember that we are anyway not very fond of water. On top of that, 2 degrees temperature and the cold water in those cannons. It will be a huge human rights violation and then this will go right till the United Nations”, he added.

Meanwhile, Government has shown no inclination to get the road blocked by the protesters cleared. “This is causing traffic jams, makes people think economy is doing well, everyone is out and about for shopping during festive season. Good for the image of the economy”, a Government official said.