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Fire department rescues two chicken pieces trapped inside 20 feet hostel chicken gravy

31, May 2019 By dasu

New Delhi: Thanks to the presence of mind of Sanat Kumar, a third-year engineering student, two chicken pieces were rescued by fire and rescue department personnel.

According to Sanat, when he was filling water bottle from the aqua guard inside hostel mess, he saw the mess supervisor dropping few pieces of chicken into the gravy. “Immediately I called 101, within five minutes they were here in front of our hostel, Shivalik. After fighting for more than couple of hours, they rescued the chicken pieces”.

On the reason why chicken pieces need to be rescued, Sanat added, “If those chicken pieces would have come in someone’s plate, do not know what could have happened to that student. Last time when something like this mishap happened, two students were admitted to ICU after eating chicken pieces”.

“Our bodies are not accustomed to digest chicken pieces as for months we never get one. Last time after someone got a piece, there was a big chaos inside the mess as students jumped over each other to take a selfie with the chicken piece. It was like Halley’s comet, seen once in the lifetime of hostel student”.

“To avoid any more stampede and for our better health, warden strictly banned chicken pieces in our hostel chicken gravy. Only chicken flavor is added so that vegetarian students do not eat them by mistake”, said Mukul, another resident of IIT Delhi hostel, Shivalik.

Shivalik hostel warden is planning to reward Sanat for his alertness. “Make sure, the dal served to Sanat has few grains of dal inside it, do not give only yellow liquid to him. Rotis you serve him should be as soft as papad you give to other students” hostel warden told the mess supervisor.