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Fire Services refused to take up an emergency call, citing the prediction of rain in the reported area within 10 minutes

25, Aug 2017 By RT

Mumbai. An emergency call to the fire service number 101 was turned down, citing the prediction of rain in the reported area within 10 minutes, it is learnt by Faking News. The caller disconnected the call after the 101 helpline refused to react to the clear and present danger.

“We always cover and report burning topics. When I came to know about the fire in the area, I immediately rushed to the spot and was wondering at the sight of people trying to put off the fire with sand and water. There were no fire service engines in the near vicinity and no fire alarms can be heard. I have tracked the person who had called 101 and came to know about the bizarre answer given by the Fire Service department,” a TV reporter covering the burning story told Faking News and pointed to a man who was looking a little puzzled.

“It was me to call the emergency number. Thankfully, no IVR picked up the phone and I heard a male voice demanding to know the exact location. The moment I told him the location, he let out a sigh of relief over the phone and asked me not to worry. He assured me there will be rain in our area in the next 10 minutes and it will take care of the fire. Before I could protest against the irresponsible answer, he hung up the phone,” the man identified as the caller told Faking News.

When Faking News visited the Fire Service department to know the story firsthand, he was greeted with a TV in the visitors room, running the local weather channel. “We have several hazards and threats to the city and the state. We can predict some and we can’t predict others. Fire, we cannot predict. Rains, we can predict. So, we have worked hard in the past months to develop a model to put off fire with the help of rains, especially during the monsoon. When we receive a call, we check the weather and inform the caller of the likely time in the near future when the nature will take care of the fire,” a fire Marshall told Faking News.

“After we have introduced this, the number of calls to 101 have reduced by more than half. In Mumbai, it rains every 10 minutes for 2 to 5 minutes. We actually do not need a weather channel report to help us. Tell you the truth, we do not use the fire service engines to the fire-hit areas now. We use the service to the rain-hit areas to rescue the people. In fact, we are planning to introduce an automated IVR to take care of the fire calls,” he further added.

Meanwhile, there was no rain whatsoever in the area and the tired crowd witnessed the equally tired fire putting itself off after completely burning down a building, it was observed by Faking News and several TV channels covering the burning topic.