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The first 2500 to be deposited in bank with left hand and the remaining 2500 with right hand: Govt. on new 5000 limit rule

20, Dec 2016 By @jurnoleast

Going ahead with yet another revision to the cash deposit rule related to demonetization process, Govt today announced that there was further modification to the ‘5000 limit before 30th December’ rule to make it more foolproof.


Speaking to Faking News an official from the Finance Ministry said, “All along our focus was on fighting black money and the latest revision to cash deposit rule also reflects our commitment to fight the menace. We are always keeping those black money hoarders on their toes. By the time they figure out a hack, we change the rules.”

Speaking on the new 5000 rule he said, “We thought that the December 30th deadline gave these tax evaders enough time to deposit their black money. So we pre-poned the deadline. Not just that, the deposit has to be made with two hands instead of one. The first 2500 with left hand and the remaining 2500 with right hand,” he added.

The source however declined to comment on how using both hands to deposit money would help the demonetization process.

Though the Govt. has stated that the intention was not to cause inconvenience to the common man, many are now complaining about the Govt’s flip-flop. Thakur Baldev Singh from Ramgarh, who lost both his hands while fighting dreaded dacoit Gabbar Singh was vociferous in his criticism. “Is this how Modiji rewards me for my bravery. I thought he’d make me the Army Chief, or at least a gallantry medal. But all I get is the numerous trips to the bank,” he grumbled.

Congress Party has said that it is yet another miscalculation on the Govt’s part. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, who previously said that his statement in the Parliament would cause earthquake, now threatened of volcano if the Govt didn’t go back on its impulsive plan of demonetization.

Geologist reported tremors in North India even as Rahul Gandhi shared his thoughts with media outside the Parliament, clearly signalling that it was time for the Govt to take the Congress VP’s words seriously.