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First ‘Ravi Loves Priya’ message appears on Sardar Patel statue

30, Nov 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Kevadiya, Gujarat: The world’s tallest statue, Statue Of Unity, honoring India’s 1st Home Minister Sardar Patel was inaugurated with much fanfare on 31st of October by PM Narendra Modi. Now after 3 weeks, first signs have appeared that Indian public has truly embraced this monument.

First ‘Ravi Loves Priya’ message was spotted on the statue’s foot earlier today confirming that Indian public has truly warmed up to the monument.

Writing love messages and scratching heart on the surface of monuments is a long held Indian tradition along with spitting Gutkha in the corners around the monument.

While Gutkha stains are yet to appear around Statue Of Unity, the love message has given the authorities confidence that people of India have accepted this monument in their hearts.

A maintenance engineer on site who made this discovery said, “The message wasn’t clearly visible due to poor handwriting and initially I thought it is some bird dropping but when I came closer for inspection, I could read Priya clearly and immediately recognized what it is. This is really heart-warming for us because we know that Indians write messages only on the monuments they love and appreciate. We haven’t had a heart symbol scratched in the statue yet but we are sure that will appear during the winter holiday season.”

“We are going through social media apps to see if someone has uploaded a selfie with this beautiful love message but haven’t yet found anything. Once we do, we will honour this couple for bringing our statue to the mainstream. This will encourage even others to come here to write their love messages instead of going to the same old tourist places where there is no space left to engrave new love messages,” he went on to add.

Meanwhile, a new shop selling construction tools has also cropped up next to the statue selling tools to make it easy to engrave your name on the concrete of the statue.