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Five guys drop out of team outing after knowing that new female intern is not part of the trip

20, May 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Five guys in an IT company were demanding for a team outing for quite some time. Much to the surprise of their manager, just a day before the outing, one by one, all five them ‘excused’ themselves. The real reason was new intern girl whose absence from outing compelled these five to drop out. 

“I don’t know what happened to them. Didn’t keep the outing on weekend, so no disturbance to their weekend plans. Kept it on Monday, May 15th, the day no IPL watch was there. Why all those lame excuses came barely eight hours before the outing. Let them ask for next outing, I will give them a ‘proper’ reply,” said upset looking Anurag Srivastava who is managing a team of twelve members including these five.

Anurag didn’t know the ‘truth’, however his team member Mohan who was chief coordinator for the outing, said, “Just a week back, this new intern girl Pooja joined our team. All these five, who never came to office before lunch time, adjusted their life style as per Pooja’s office working hour. They were trying hard to impress Pooja to come with them in their car for outing.”

“A day before, Pooja messaged me, she can’t join us as her parents have made a sudden plan to visit her, so she has to go to railway station to receive them. It was a direct WhatsApp message to me, don’t know how these five came to know about it. Anyway, thanks to these five, we six who went for the outing had a blast. Instead 2 bottles, all of us got additional two as bonus,” said Mohan.

One of the guys who dropped out of the outing said, “Team outing, Team bonding ka kya matlab kya hota hai? In these outings, you will break the ice, know your team members well. I am working with these ‘hopeless guys’ for last two years, only for Daru & Chicken Kabab they go on an outing. If Pooja would have come at least I would have known something about our new team member.”

Manager Anurag has another headache now. He said, “All the work assigned to Pooja are complete dot on time, whereas these five are missing the project deliveries big time.”