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Five ways to become rich, really rich

10, Aug 2014 By idiot420

Becoming rich is everyone’s desire. Faking News brings to you five effective ways to achieve your dream:

It’s not that tough.

1. First of all, you have to motivate yourself. Resign from your day job, lock yourself up in a room to spend most of your time reading more and more articles (like this one) and books that tell you how to become rich. Google for all possible articles, go through every link, bookmark them and memorize them all. Then scribble them on the wall of your room, like a mad scientist. For further inspiration, watch movies like Dhadkan in which heroes rise from rags to riches.

2. Stop spending money. You have two choices – live like a hermit or a wild animal. They survive without money. Learn from them. With no clothes, no concrete home, no movie outings, and by feeding yourself after snatching food from others, you will be saving a lot of money. Bank balance will rise.

3. Liquidate all your property and shift to some distant rural and poor part of the country. Just make sure nobody in the neighbor has more valuables than you have. Also make sure you don’t choose a place in the country where your money can be snatched away. With people poorer than you all around, you will get the feeling of being rich.

4. Start daydreaming on a regular basis and always imagine yourself as a billionaire. Spend your whole day in the same mental condition. Practice it for a month to make this habit of daydreaming your reality. Live in a big bungalow, have as many cars as you want, go for long international vacations, all in your daydreams. Money is not a problem here, imagination is all you need.

5. Try to get yourself humiliated for money on daily basis. Like go to Armani showroom and ask the salesman if it is possible to get a suit for Rs 1000. Take money from your friend and don’t pay him back for months, let him embarrass you publicly. May be the humiliation will inspire you to become rich. Always remember lotus blooms in mud.