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During 'how to fly an aircraft' exhibition demo cab driver asks where is the horn?

14, Nov 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Cab driver Manish Yadav was observing carefully when the flying instructor was showing a demo ‘how to fly an aircraft’. After the demo, when the instructor asked, any questions? Manish wanted to know where is the ‘horn’? the life line through which he zooms his vehicle through the city traffic.

“The instructor talked about so many parts present in the Boeing aircraft. When he did not speak about the horn, I felt it is my duty to remind him. After all, how can one drive a vehicle without knowing where is the horn”, said Manish while speaking to us.

When we pointed the Boeing aircraft is not meant for Bangalore roads, he said, “So what? Even in air, you never know some birds can fly towards it, some other airplane might come near it. It is one’s duty to keep its passenger’s safe, that’s why I do honking most of the time I am behind the wheel. It’s like an advance notice you send to whoever on road, be careful, I am coming, leave the space for me.”

“Clutch, gear, brake, accelerator theek se kaam nahin kiya to chalta hai, if my vehicle horns are not OK, I won’t touch it. Simply because in these kinds of high traffic density roads, without proper working horns, one cannot drive a vehicle,” said Manish.

Manish claimed his vehicle horns are so good, a person can miss ambulance siren, but no one can miss his vehicle horn sound even if one is 50 meters away.

We took a ride around the city using Manish’s cab. Yes, Manish was right! He did not allow anyone to fall asleep on city roads and did not allow anyone to cross the roads either. We hope the Boeing instructor has taken Manish’s vital feedback of adding at least couple of horns in their new age aircrafts.