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Following 'No parking' boards Bangalore man reaches home town where he finds some place to park

07, Mar 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Following ‘NO Parking’ boards put up by traffic police along with bigger and better-looking ones put up by house owners and shop owners in front of their houses or business establishments, person reached his home town where he found a parking lot.

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Completely stressed out Amit did not realize he has reached his hometown Ramanagara till one of his uncle who was returning from Tuesday vegetable market noticed Amit’s car and asked for a lift.

“Initially my uncle was shocked to see me as it was a working day, asked me is your parents health okay, how come you are here suddenly,” said Amit recounting the most stressful day of his life.

Amit had taken half day leave as he had to submit school admission form for his niece which is on the Bengaluru Mysore highway.

“There was one incomplete flyover next to school being inaugurated by CM of Karnataka, so up to a stretch of ten kilometers on either side of school, Police did not allow any bicycles to be parked, forget about parking my car. Then the spillover effect, every inch of available parking area till my home town were filled with vehicles. My sister was constantly reminding me Tuesday is the last date to submit school form, so please do something,” said Amit on the hassles he faced on the way.

After parking his car in his native home backyard Amit used shared cab, ran for few kilometers to reach the school gate just on-time to submit the form and had a big sigh of relief.

“I usually do ten kilometers run every weekend at Cubbon park. Could have run towards school and completed it in couple of hours. But where are the roads now in Bengaluru. Every corner is dug up. It’s like over loaded arteries choked with vehicles waiting to burst anytime. This week, I am not going to office. Will see how can I get my car here,” said Amit who was finishing one Glucon-D powder every hour.