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Following rising demands, car manufacturers in Kashmir to include human shields in their accessories

29, May 2017 By itsmihir1993

Automobile manufacturers in Kashmir have devised a new strategy to up their sales. Cashing in on the recent controversy where an Indian Army officer Major Leetul Gogoi tied a Kashmiri civilian, Farooq Ahmad Dar, to the bonnet of his jeep on April 9 in Srinagar as a human shield, car manufacturers have now decided to include human shields in the set of accessories they provide to car buyers.


The move was shortly announced after many people in the Valley and across the country branded the Major’s act as “violation of human rights” and argued that hyper-nationalists and cricketers supporting the Major’s decision should be tied to jeeps. Sighting the increasing demand of people wanting to tie human shields to their cars, the car manufacturers have offered to provide human shields along with the car. “We have decided to provide human shields in all sizes and ages. When customers visit us, we cannot let them walk out disappointed just because they could not find the appropriate human shield for their car in our showroom. We provide them a wide range of humans to choose from. We have also trained them to catch stones, in case stones are hurled at the vehicle,” a car manufacturer told us, pointing at his collection of human shields.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who backed the development, said, “The move will reduce the class difference amongst people of India. Nobody will be judged based on the monogram on their cars.” He further added that the car manufacturers’ decision to replace the car monogram with human shield on its bonnet is in conformity to the “Make in India” movement. “We have simply transformed the western idea of placing monograms into placing kilograms by having human shield on the bonnets,” said an ecstatic Prime Minister.

Actor Salman Khan expressed his disappointment on the move. “In case of a hit-and-run event, there is a high chance that human shields may also lose their life. I cannot digest the fact that these car manufacturers have decided to take such an inhuman step by completely ignoring the value of a human life,” said a dejected Khan.