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Food blogger rates a restaurant 5 stars just based on the ambience, returns without eating anything

16, Jun 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Seasoned food blogger and trading analyst with a financial services firm, Mr. Sameer Noodleswala has broken new grounds in food blogging by giving a great review to a restaurant without even tasting their food. Sameer did not eat a single dish at the restaurant named “Paranthas, Marshmallows and more”, and ended up giving a 5 out 5 ratings to the restaurant on his blog only for their ambiance.

Food blogger in action

Sameer is a very well respected figure in food blogging circles and has written 2033 reviews until now. He also has 1197 followers on, a well-known food reviews website, known for lengthy and detailed food reviews.

Below is Sameer’s “food” review in detail:

It was raining very heavily that night when me and my friends were driving past this small restaurant called “Paranthas, Marshmallows and more”. Although it looked a bit shabby from the outside, we decided to check it out. As soon as we were inside we were given both the food and drinks menu, which is a sign of quick service. I must admit that menu design was brilliant but the font size of text was Times New Roman and not Helvetica, which is the usual font I have observed on menu cards of some global restaurants.

But I must congratulate the owners of this restaurant on the ambiance part. Walls were colored in exquisite shades of bridal red with big pics of paranthas and marshmallows hanging on the wall, which had our gastronomic juices flowing. The chandeliers on top were post-modernistic European and had a blue tinge to the flicker of their lamps. The lighting over all was neither too bright, nor too dim and concealed lamps with a fuchsia aura that were giving whole restaurant a rather surreal look. Since the theme of this restaurant is a fusion of American and Punjabi food, they also had big cardboard cutouts of tourists from Punjab visiting important places in America, such as Statue of liberty and White house. The chairs and tables were made of pure teak wood with nice maroon hue and a mahogany finish. The table cloth was white as if new and was cut out from fine satin pieces with bordered up ends. Waiter dresses were a good fusion mix with smart jeans and a “pink turban” on head to give a great Punjabi American type feeling. I fell in love with the ambiance and décor instantly and we took a lot of pics.

Finally, all of us felt so awestruck by the ambiance that we actually called up the restaurant manager and handed him out a 500 rupee tip for maintaining the place so well. We unfortunately didn’t eat anything as we had already spent a lot of time taking pics and discussing the interior design of the whole place. We did however did dig our hands in the tasty caramelized “saunf and mishri” on our way out. All in all a wonderful culinary experience which every foodie craves for. Ratings below:

Ambiance 9/10 – They can work more on the floor tiles, magenta with a mix of light green would suit the best)

Service 9/10 – The food menu cards were handed out pretty quickly, but not kept in an order fashion on the table, that they can improve

Food 8/10 – The menu items did look good if we go by their names, they should taste well too. Pizza bhindiwala, daalmakhni burger, sarso di rotti de naal pasta were the innovative dishes on offer.

Overall rating 9/10 – We plan to visit again and this time we plan to check out the ambiance in the toilets and kitchenette area. Photo uploads to follow soon.