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Food delivery app offers discount if you order breakfast-lunch together at Silk Board Jn

11, Feb 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Food delivery app Quiggy has an exciting offer for Bangaloreans who would like to order breakfast and lunch together while waiting at Silk Board Junction. For every such combo order, Quiggy is giving twenty percent discount, an additional five percent if one would like to have tea, coffee or fresh juice in between these two meals.

silk board

Quiggy team is excited with the recent news reports which states average traffic speed in the Marathahalli to Silk Board Junction stretch has come down to 4.5 kilometer per hour.

“As people remain stationary for such long hours in that zone, as the day progress their hunger quotient naturally goes up. More and more people then start ordering food through our app,” said Quiggy app co-founder Narendra Reddy.

On the reason combo option is win-win for both customer and the company, Mr. Reddy said, “We track the traffic movement, so once we deliver breakfast to someone we can confidently say where he would be by lunch time which anyway would not be far from that place. Knowing the exact location helps in reducing our cost of delivery, we just pass a portion of that cost benefit to our customers. Just imagine we have such huge customer base, thousands and thousands customers sitting in their cars next to each other.”

When we asked when everyone is struggling how your delivery boys are able to traverse through such heavy traffic, Mr. Reddy said, “We have positioned our food trucks every 500 meters. Our deliveries boys pick up the order from those trucks, just walk and handover them to customers. It’s that simple.”

“In a service model like ours, customers not only expect we need to deliver food on-time, also the food has to be fresh by the time it reaches them. We meet both these two requirements easily,” said Mr. Reddy.

Mr. Reddy shared details about a new offer which they are planning to launch soon. He said, “Those who come from Whitefield to Silk Board, exclusively for them we have full day 4 meals option including dinner with special thirty percent discount if all meals are ordered same time.”