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Had food at nearby engineering college canteen for a month: Ram Kapoor reveals his weight loss secret

12, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

Actor Ram Kapoor recently created quite a stir in social media after sharing images of his lean and fit physique. Many of his followers were keen to know the secret of his weight loss and the actor did not disappoint.

ram kapor

Unlike other celebs, Ram was candid while speaking to our reporter and said, “Contrary to what most people think, my weight loss is no through liposuction. It is entirely through my diet. For a month I have been having all my meals at the canteen of a nearby hostel. And look at the result. All the extra pounds I had gained vanished in a month.”

The actor denied that the weight loss was for his next movie and stated that it was purely for health reasons. Speaking on how he ended up eating in a canteen, Ram said, “I was struggling with my weight for quite some time without much success. And then I saw these students at the engineering college near my house. All the students there looked very lean and thin. That’s when I decided to check out their diet and I looks like I hit upon a jackpot.”

Ram’s transformation has inspired many others to try out the ‘Engineering Diet’. “Forget Keto diet and and all those fads. Engineering canteen food is the next big things,” claimed a celeb nutritionist.

Engineering students are not surprised and many said that the world has just woken up to what they have known for ages.

The popularity of the diet has prompted food delivery services such as Zomato and Swiggy to add it to their menu.

Govt too is now planning to declare engineering college canteen as weight loss clinics.