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Footpath officially announced as the two-wheeler lane in Bangalore

16, Jan 2013 By Venky

Bangalore. The footpaths across all the roads in Bangalore were today officially announced as the two-wheeler lane by the Bangalore traffic police in a bid to counter increasing jams happening all over the city.

“We noticed several times that people on bikes always preferred driving in the footpath even if the roads were free. Maybe they got into that habit while driving during peak traffic. But we thought it was a great idea,” said a traffic sergeant in the Basavangudi area.

However, the traffic police department has clarified that it won’t show similar cooperation if the bikers start entering shops or houses next to the footpaths seeking shortcuts.

A biker enjoying his official driving lane

The announcement has caused the two-wheeler riders fly in joy. “It used to take 2 hours for me to reach my office which is 5 KMs away from my house. Now I can get an extra hour of morning sleep,” grinned an office goer in Indira Nagar area.

“Yes, we won’t try to enter shops or houses next to the footpaths,” he added, “But we should be allowed to park our bikes in those shops and houses as we can’t park our bike on footpaths anymore.”

“Apart from easing traffic, this will also increase the productivity in our company,” a senior HR manager from a famous IT company welcomed the step, “Most of the employees take Work from Home option at least thrice a week citing the traffic problems and go for movies struggling in the same traffic. Now we can pull them out for work.”

Being a democratic society, there were people who were unhappy too.

A group of protesters were seen shouting slogans in front of the traffic commissioner’s office. One of the protesters, a leader of the auto drivers’ union, demanded that auto rickshaws too should also be allowed to ride through the footpaths; else they could start parking their autos on footpaths.

Apart from the auto-rickshaw drivers, the footpath vendors too are angry. They fear losing their marketplace and thus have demanded to be allow to open their shops in the Center Meridian of the roads.

When asked for a response, most of the pedestrians, whom the footpaths are originally meant for, told Faking News that they didn’t find any difference.

“I don’t remember when I used footpath last. Bikers, vendors, and jobless people were always occupying that space. Doesn’t make any difference to me,” a local resident claimed.